Annexure H Passport – Download in Fillable PDF

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Annexure H for Passport is an affidavit made by parents of minor taking responsibility of minor about expenditure and actions. Based on this affidavit authorities will issue a passport to minor.

Annexure H is just a declaration of responsibility by parents. Bellow is the simple process on how to make Annexure H.

  1. Print the PDF document or Download the word file of Annexure H.
  2. Print the document on plain paper.
  3. Fill the details about minor and parents.
  4. On the bottom of the affidavit, both parents must sign.

What details needed for Annexure H?

Here is the list of details you must have with yourself before filling the Annexure H for a passport.

  • Name and address of mother and father of minor.
  • Name and address minor.
  • Date of birth of both parents.
  • Date of birth of minor.
  • Details of passport of parents.
  • Signature of parents.

Download the PDF and document version of Annexure H Passport from the bellow.

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