Annexure N for Passport – Download in PDF and Word Format

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Creating an application for passport of a government employee or autonomous body worker was a headache, as it was hard to get Identity Certificate or No Objection Certificate for them. To solve this problem government launched prior intimation letter, before submission of application the applicant can send to authority and it will help speed up the process.

The Prior Intimation letter is nothing but an Annexure-N, it is handed to the controlling authority before applying for the passport. The copy of Prior Intimation letter will be sent to the employer if they have any concern regarding the issuance of passport employer can revert back with the concern.

Any of the following document is sufficient enough to get the passport process finish up on time.

  • Prior Intimation letter to an employer.
  • No objection certificate from an employer.
  • Identity certificate issued by an employer.

Police verification will be needed if the if the NOC is issued with the format of Annexure M.  All three document must contain maximum information about the contact details of an employer.

Police verification is not needed in the case when the application is made using Annexure N. To download Annexure N in Microsoft word or PDF format please click the given link bellow.

Annexure N WordAnnexure N PDF

You can find Annexure B and all other Annexures needed for Passport on our website.

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