Form 10C PDF Download – Guide and Instructions

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Form 10C is used when claiming the provident fund under the Employee Pension Scheme. Every month the fixed amount of contribution is deducted from the provident fund. If you want to apply for the amount from this fund, then it can be done using the Form 10C.

How to download Form 10C

To download Form 10C in editable and PDF format, please click here. The form is also available on the official website of EPFIndia, which is www.epfindia.com.

When is the Form 10C used?

This form can be used to claim PF in the following condition. Make sure you have the same condition if you don’t fall under this conditions then either consult the department or browse the forms we have.

  1. Demanding refund from Employer.
  2. Scheme certification.
  3. When you need, benefit from withdrawal.

The explanation of the above can be…

Take advantage of Withdrawal: This is the special certificate issued to the people with age less than 50 and have been working with the same organization for less than 9.5 years. This document allows the withdrawal as the employees are not yet eligible to claim the pension.

Scheme Certificate: If the service period of the applicant is more than 9.5 years and the age is less than 50 than Scheme certificate can be issued and people can apply for it using the Form 10C. This document allows the applicant to enjoy benefits of the scheme when he re-join the same or different organization.

Who can apply with Form 10C?

There are some criteria if you can fulfill them you can enjoy the benefit of Form 10C. The criteria must be fulfilled by all the members of EPF scheme.

  1. The person who have worked with the organization for less than ten years and had age of 58 years before leaving the job.
  2. A person who is not willing to settle for reduced pension, and have worked for less than ten years of the age of fewer than 50 years can use the benefits of Form 10C.
  3. Nominee of the person who died before finishing the ten year period with the same organization.

All the people falling under the mentioned criteria can apply using the Form 10C.

What details does the Form 10C Include?

The form contains a total of 4 pages, and the applicant is required to filled, other two pages will be completed by the EPF office. The two pages are for administrative purposes only.

First Page

The first page of the Form 10C includes the following details.

  1. Name and Date of Birth
  2. Father or Husband’s name.
  3. Address of the organization you worked.
  4. Account number of the Provident Fund.
  5. Commencement date of the job, the time when you joined the organization.
  6. Why you left the organization.
  7. Applicant’s full address.

Second Page

The second page of the Form 10C contains following details.

  1. Nomination details of the applicant.
  2. How would the applicant like to be paid?
  3. Date of the application and signature.

Third Page

The third page asks for details of the total amount received and other details of wages; it also requires your signature and date of application.

As we mentioned earlier, the fourth page is for administrative purpose and applicant doesn’t need to fill the fourth page.

Follow this instruction to fill the Form 10C

This is some general guideline which can help you ease the application process if you follow this it will be helpful for both administrative authorities and the applicants.

  1. Write form in the Capital letters, if possible fill the form digitally using the PDF or Excel format of the form.
  2. Make sure that you enter the exactly mentioned address in the proof documents you attached. As both of them is cross verified.
  3. Date of birth should match the documents you provide.
  4. Re-read the PF account number written in the form as this account will be used to deposit the amounts. The name and account number must be matched with records.

Which documents needed for Form 10C?

Here is the list of documents which must be attached to the Form. There are few optional papers, but it is advisable to attach all of them for easement of the administrative process.

  1. Canceled cheque with signature.
  2. Birth certificates.
  3. Death certificate if the applicant is dead.
  4. Legal heirs’ certificates.
  5. 1 RS postal stamp if you requested using the bank.

We hope that you liked our little guide on how to download and fill the Form 10C. If you find any difficulties, please let us know in the comments and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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