Download Provident Fund Form 19 in PDF

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The Indian government has updated the system and to make the procedures faster they introduced the online system to download and submit Form 19. If the bank accounts number and adhere card are linked then, you can directly apply without any needs of employer’s attestation. This innovative step of the government of India not only facilitate the faster process but makes it hassle free.

Form 19 in Detail

The new system has revolutionized the process and removed the bureaucratic hurdles, resulting in the simplest way to claim provident fund. Form 19 is incredibly easy and straightforward to fill, and the process will end with just submitting the form to EPF office of your juridical area.

If all the conditions mentioned in the update from EPF department, then the process is limited to just downloading Form 19 and filling the details. The conditions are as bellow.

  1. Adhar Card must be linked to bank account.
  2. KYC(Know Your Customer) details must be verified.
  3. Bank account must be seeded with the UAN(Universal Account Number).
  4. Employer need canceled cheque.
  5. Canceled Cheque must contain the information of employees like Name, IFSC Code, and bank account number.

If all the conditions mentioned above fulfilled by the applicant then just downloading Form 19 and sending to nearby EPF office will resulting claiming the PF.

Instructions for Form 19

To make the process simpler and easier to understand, we have created the following guidelines. Make sure you follow all the details and claim file easier.

  1. Mention, your mobile number on the form, to get the latest updates by SMS.
  2. To view the latest updates, please keep yourself updated to make sure you visit gov.in regularly.
  3. The form must be filled in BLOCKED/CAPITAL letters. You can also fill this form online and download it.
  4. In “Reasons for Leaning” column make sure you enter the appropriate reason.
  5. Retired by attaining the age of 55.
  6. Retired because of incapacity to work (Bodily or Mentally)
  7. Retired under VRS.
  8. Retired because moving to abroad.
  9. Discharged because of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.
  10. Make sure you have the account number which is of 7 letters. This letter represents region codes and office codes so a mistake in the number will result in hassle.
  11. Payment is made using NEFT, if you have a bank account in nationalized bank, then it is advisable to attach that bank account for faster payments.

The application must be submitted through the name of an employer under whom the applicant used to work. If the organization is closed then, the appropriate gazetted and authorized officers can help.

List of documents to be attached with Form 19

Following list of documents are necessary to attach with the Form 19. There are some optional documents, but if attached then it can help the transaction go much smoother. Without further ado, here is the list of documents to be attached with Form 19.

  1. A copy of canceled bank cheque.
  2. A copy of bank passbook which clearly shows the account number and IFSC code.
  3. Medical certificate from the ESI or the employee.
  4. If you’re migrating from India, then copy of VISA and Passport.
  5. If you’re taking the job abroad, then copy of appointment letter from the foreign employer.

Contribution card must be attached based on the applicant’s needs. If the contribution is not already paid then, it must be reimbursed with different challan.

We hope that you find the information about Form 19 useful, let us know in the comments if you need any help or advice. We will try our best to help fill and submit Form 19.

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