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Form 38 is a unique form issued by the government which provides you with a permit to send goods from one state to another state. For example, if you wanted to post material from Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh then you need to have a special permit from the government. To get this government permission Form, 38 will come at aid to you.

Who needs Form 38?

There are usually two types of transportation happen between states, one is for commercial goods, and another is for non-commercial products. When you’re sending goods with commercial intent, you will have to provide Form 38, and when the purpose is non-commercial, you will have to provide with Form 390.

It is highly recommended to provide with all the documented details for Form 38 and 390. The reason being is to avoid any government or legal issues. With all the Form 38 and 390 in the right format and filled correctly you will have a smooth process with fast and hassle free process.

What does Form 38 Have?

When you sit and fill the Form 38 you will need all the following details, make sure you have all available at fingertips for faster process.

  • You will need a form which is signed by the sender, receiver, and authority of Government of India. This Form will be asked on borders of the state.
  • There will be three copies of Form 38; one copy will stay with the sender, and one copy will remain with the receiver. Third copy will be with the state authority; they will demand it on the border while entering.
  • Only the sender will get the Form 38, that too from government authority of Sales Tax.
  • The form is only valid for a month. If you send the goods regularly, then you will have to get it every month.
  • The form needs the signature of both sender and receiver.
  • In ordinary cases Form 38 is issued to the sender, consignee will have possession of Form 38.
  • When you’re picking up the goods, you will have to collect the Form from the originator.
  • If found that the goods sent with the Form 38 are not valued properly then one can receive a penalty of 40%.

How to download Form 38 in PDF Format?

If you’re looking for Form 38 in PDF or Excel, then you’re in the right place. Depending upon the state you’re residing, you will need to open the site(http://comtax.up.nic.in/) and select the appropriate state. You can download PDF from here.

Based on a different state you will need different forms, here is the forms for Assam.

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