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Form 402 Online – Gujarat VAT – Step By Step Guide

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Form 402 is an official form to pay the VAT for the goods which are going outside of the state. On April 2015 Gujarat government published a circular stating that every good which are going outside of the state must have Form 402, products which are coming into the state must have Form 403 and Goods which are transiting the state must have Form 405.

How to Fill Form 402 Online?

Filling a VAT Form 402 online can be a little tricky. To help you with filing the Gujarat VAT Form we have created a little step by step process. Follow this process, and you will be able to submit the form very quickly.

Step 1: Log on to official Gujarat Government Form 402 Website.

Step 2: Make sure you have your TIN number with yourself, enter that number and password to log in.

Step 2a: If you don’t have the login credentials then you should register/sign-up for the website.

Step 3: After login successfully clicks on the link named “Check Post Submission” there you will find a place to download Form 402.

Step 4: The page will show two links, one for Form 403 and one for Form 402. Click on the link that says Form 402.

Step 5: By click, on that link, you will see a “File Download” message on the screen. Make sure you answer everything positive.

Step 6: The templates you downloaded contains the different excel sheets and PDF files for helping you understand the whole procedure.

Step 7: After filing the Form 402, log in on the website and you will find an upload section. Start uploading.

Step 8: Make sure you be attentive to the details given on the screen. If any errors are found then, it will provide you with instructions based on the sheet and column.

You can see the complete process to file Form 402 Online here in Gujarati.

What should I know before filing Form 402 Gujarat?

Before starting the process mentioned above, make sure you have following things and know before filing Form 402.

  1. When the vehicle passes through the border, it must have Form 402 with it.
  2. The barcode generated will be usable only for one time.
  3. The form can be used for more than one commodity.
  4. If the consignee is different than it must have various forms.
  5. For various dealer different form must be filled, even if the commodity is going on the same truck.
  6. The email will be sent to the one attached to the application.
  7. If the form 402 is not downloaded, then you can go to your email, and you will find the downloadable files attached in your email.

This is the basic things that need to be taken care after filing the Form 402 of Gujarat government.

How to make a correction in Form 402?

The correction and rectifications are possible in Form 402 of Gujarat government. To do that one must use the correction form or visit the VAT department of the respective city.

To download Form 402, please click on the bellow button.

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