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Form 403 is a Gujarat state issued permit for transmission of goods from one state to another. This form is available under Gujarat Value-added Tax under section 68. If goods are entering from other states into Gujarat than they must have the Form 403. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to download the Form 403 to how to fill online.

Things you should know before downloading/filling Form 403

Rather not going in financial jargons and taxation terminologies we have tried to explain Form 403 in the simplest way possible. We have made this small list of things you should keep in mind before downloading and filling up the form.  Without further ado here is the list.

  • Make sure the vehicle mentioned in Form 403 is the same passing through the border.
  • The barcode generated will be of use for just one time; it can’t be used 2nd time so make sure you use it at the right time.
  • More than one type of goods can be included in Form 403.
  • If the good is going to more than one place than you must have more than Form 403.
  • Different consignee must have various forms.
  • You will get a mail notification from the department on mail address.
  • If the form 403 you generated is not downloaded, then you will have to check your mail because the form will also be attached to the email address you have provided.

Step-by-step guide for Form 403

We have tried to simplify the process to download and fill up the Form 403 online.  Make sure that you have following details before filling the forms. The suggested operating system for the form is either Windows 98 or Windows XP. Use Acrobat Reader for better reading experience and editing a PDF. Without further ado, here is the way to download Form 403.

Step 1: Log on to official Gujarat government website here https://commercialtax.gujarat.gov.in

Step 2: You must have your TIN number with yourself and the dealer password to log in. Enter both the details and click Login.

Step 3: Make sure you have calculated the number of Form 403 to be downloaded.

Step 4: You will find a link named “Form 403 Series Generation” Click on it, enter number of forms needed. Maximum 500 is allowed.

Step 5: The generated series can be used for future use. You can save them on Excel.

Step 6: There will be two different options for you: Either you can send the generated numbers to your consigner in other state, or you can make Form 403 on the computer and send.

We hope that the process of downloading Form 403 will help you, let us know in the comments if you need any help. We are happy to help.

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