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To get the TAN, tax deduction account number Form 49B is used. TAN is very similar to PAN number but quoting interchangeably is strictly prohibited. Tax deduction account number is assigned to those entities who are authorised to collect tax on behalf of Indian government and Tax departments of India.

TAN is useful when receiving TDS in the name of income tax department. When filing the TDS as an employer, they need to quote their TAN. When filing the TDS and TCS quoting TAN is mandatory.

TAN can be allocated to both public and private sector enterprise. These firms are liable to collect the tax on HALF of the income tax department. If any wrong-doing is found, there is a provision for ten years of jail.

How to apply for TAN using Form 49B

There are two ways you can apply for TAN, either by visiting the official website or by visiting the official TIN facilitation center. The application can only be done using the Form 49B. If applied by visiting the TIN facilitation center there is no need to make any supporting documents but in the case of using online one must save the acknowledgment and send it as a proof of application to income tax department.

Form 49B contains lots of sections that must be filled carefully so the TAN application can be approved. Following the list of things that you must consider before and while applying for the TAN.

  1. Form 49B must be filled in the capital English letters for better readability and no confusions in names and addresses. If possible download the fillable PDF from here and fill it using the computer.
  2. Make sure when you fill the form you don’t overlap the boxes; this will cause a reduction in readability and increase confusion.
  3. If thumb impressions are used for the signature, then a copy of notary or magistrate must be attached.
  4. If you don’t know the area and area code, then the income tax office will assist you to help to find it.
  5. Details of an accessing office can be obtained from Income Tax office; they will aid you with details, and it must be furnished by the tax collector.
  6. Form 49B must be filled completely there shouldn’t be any pending or incomplete sections.
  7. The address must be with-in the India.
  8. The tax collector who is responsible must write their designation in the form.

Above are few of the things you must know before downloading and filing the Form 49B.

Which Documents Are Needed For Form 49B?

If you are applying in person then there is no need of supporting documents but if you are using from official NSDL website then you must save the acknowledgment. After filing Form 49B the acknowledgment will be given, this should be printed and kept as supporting document.

What are the Fees for TAN application using Form 49B?

Application fees for TAN are 50 INR and service tax. These fees are non-refundable and if you make any mistake or the application is rejected the amount plus service charge will not be refunded.

Is there a way to change details in Form 49B/TAN?

Yes, the details can be modified, but for that one must fill the correction form. It can be downloaded from the official website or can be obtained by walking into the Income Tax department of your city.

To download Form 49B, please click the following button. Due to huge demand for the Form 49B in Word format, we have created the following form. Click on the respective links to download appropriate forms.

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