Get Form 6 in PDF or Excel Format
Form 6 is the form with you can enter your name in electoral roll. The Indian government has issued the form in all the official languages. There is an option to apply for voter card online, it is always a better and hassle-free way to apply. But if you choose to opt for using offline then… (0 comment)

Download Form 49B PDF Online
To get the TAN, tax deduction account number Form 49B is used. TAN is very similar to PAN number but quoting interchangeably is strictly prohibited. Tax deduction account number is assigned to those entities who are authorised to collect tax on behalf of Indian government and Tax departments of India. TAN is useful when receiving… (0 comment)

Download Provident Fund Form 19 in PDF
The Indian government has updated the system and to make the procedures faster they introduced the online system to download and submit Form 19. If the bank accounts number and adhere card are linked then, you can directly apply without any needs of employer’s attestation. This innovative step of the government of India not only… (0 comment)